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Kansas GEMT Project - Update

As most of you know, the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs endeavored two years ago to create enabling legislation that would allow the creation of a State Plan Amendment (SPA) for Medicaid reimbursement increases through our Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT) initiative.  It was determined that the State of Kansas and its EMS agencies are losing millions of dollars annually because of the uncompensated costs associated with transporting Medicaid patients.  We stated clearly that our GEMT initiative was not Medicaid expansion but an attempt to  enable eligible, qualifying agencies to drawn down additional funding available through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) for Medicaid patients. 

Through the support of many of you, and the dedicated time of Chief John Paul Jones of Kansas City, Ks. FD, we have accomplished a milestone in that goal.  On June 15th, Governor Sam Brownback signed HB 2079 which paves the way through this enabling legislation, to create a State Plan Amendment for our GEMT initiative. 

I personally want to thank members of the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs including Chief John Paul Jones and his staff, the Kansas State Firefighters Association, the Kansas State Council of Firefighters, John Pinegar (Pinegar Smith and Associates) along with attorney John Freiden for diligently staying the course and providing the necessary support and expertise. 

The achievement of this enabling legislation is very promising but we still have a ways to go.  The next steps will include hiring a consultant to create the State Plan Amendment and moving forward in presenting an acceptable SPA Plan that will pass muster with CMMS.  This is a tricky business as anything written has to be approved by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  We will be calling on the resources of AP Triton in order to accomplish this very technical and time consuming goal.  AP Triton has a Fire Service background and has worked with numerous states including California, Oregon, Missouri and others in assisting them to create an acceptable State Plan Amendment to present to CMMS. 

This of course will require funding to make this happen. Therefore, in the next couple of weeks, we will come up with a funding plan to determine how to establish a funding mechanism to achieve this goal.  But, once accomplished, it must be understood that we are talking about the potential for millions of additional dollars coming in to the State of Kansas for its provider systems. 

Again, thank you to all those who worked very hard to accomplish this enabling legislation within our GEMT goals and objectives.

Brad Smith, President

Missouri Valley Division IAFC Call For Action

The Missouri Valley Division of the IAFC is taking a stand for firefighter health and safety and cancer prevention.  Please see the attached letter.  The KSAFC supports this effort and encourages you to join in this effort.

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