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KSAFC Fire Chief of the Year Award


Fire Chief of Year Nomination
PO Box 4070
Lawrence, KS 66046

Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award

Nominations are to be mailed to;
Office of the State Fire Marshal, 800 SW Jackson, Suite 104, Topeka KS 66612, ATTN: Tom McGaughey Award.

Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office

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KSAFC Fire Chief of the Year Award

Each year at the KSAFC conference, a Kansas Fire Chief is recognized for outstanding service to community, department, and the Kansas Fire Service. 




Allen Shelton, Garden City


David Redger, Ashland


 Chief Mike Napolatino, Great Bend


 Chief Lester Kaiser, Marion County


 Chief Larry Eberle, Trego County


 Chief Larry Ellis, Comanche County


 Chief Dick Klaus, Ellis County


 Chief Ken Leu, Harper


 Chief Jim VanSchaick, Halstead


 Chief Ron Blackwell, Wichita


 Chief Howard Giles, Topeka


 Chief Dick Goodrum, Mayfield 


 Chief Alec Hrabe, Stockton 


 No recipient 


 Chief Bill Walker, Coffey County


 Chief James McSwain, Lawrence


 Chief John Lloyd, Wellington


 Chief Eddie Moore, Arkansas City


 Chief Warren Hanks, Bonner Springs


 Chief Bill Scott, Pittsburg


 Chief Buck Hartley, Shawnee


 Chief Jim Keating, St. Mary's

 McGaughey Award

 Thomas A. McGaughey 

This award is named in honor of Wichita’s eighth Fire Chief and is presented annually, at the KSAFC conference by the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office, for service above and beyond the call of duty.On the evening of Thursday, November 21, 1968 a fire alarm was received from the Yingling Chevrolet Company of Wichita, Kansas.   While fighting the fire, the roof collapsed and Fire Chief Tom McGaughey, Chief Fire Inspector M.O. Wells, firefighters Dale J. Mishler and Jimmy Lee Austin were trapped under tons of burning debris and twisted steel.  For those fellow firefighters at the scene, as well as those who manned the stations that night, the tragedy and the horror of it all was etched in their minds forever.  
The Wichita Fire Department flourished under the dynamic leadership of Chief McGaughey.  Through his drive, 
innovation and vision, he had restored that which had nearly been lost to the department, pride, honor and dedication to the highest of professions, that of being a firefighter.  On that fateful night, what had been a special time in the history of the Wichita Fire Department passed on, like the phoenix, the men of the department, united as one, would arise from the ashes of this tragedy and continue their service to the community and their fellowman.  The following days were spent in the solemn duties of honoring the dead, seeing to their internment.  The funerals were attended by all firefighters not manning stations as well as hundreds of citizens and firefighters from out of the city and state.   
In 1971, in memory of Chief Tom McGaughey, his fellow firefighters and this tragic event, the Office of the State 
Fire Marshal, the Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs and the Kansas State Firefighters Association adopted the Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award to be presented at the Fire Chiefs Conference to the fire department and the firefighter or firefighters whose bravery and courage went above and beyond the call of duty.   
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 Fire Chief of the Year Award Nominations

You know who they are...you've seen them in action...earning the respect of others, demonstrating exemplary attitude, always an advocate for fire service in the community...nominate him or her now for the Fire Chief of the Year award to be presented at the Annual Conference! 

Fire Chief of Year Nomination
PO Box 4070
Lawrence, KS 66046



Nominee must be an active KSAFC member at time of award.


Please include examples of the following in your reason for nomination.


1.      Has shown pro-active leadership of new and creative ideas; progressive leadership related to their department or the Kansas Fire Service.

2.      Has demonstrated the highest degree of service to community and state by advocating or participation in programs that have promoted fire safety.

3.      Has exhibited an exceptionally high standard of professionalism and dedication to the Fire Service.


Nomination are requested by the last Friday in September by 5:00 p.m. Nominations are accepted by U.S. Mail or e-mail.